Thursday, October 17, 2013


I've never made any attempt at passing myself off as web-savvy. Right now my website, at, is a thing I put together myself using iWeb, an application that Apple apparently decided they hated and ultimately discontinued.

This blog, on the other hand, is part of Blogger, a Google product, which I thought would be a nice, stable, easy-to-use platform for me to express the pointless drivel that pours out of my head on a daily basis.

But no!

I really liked Blogger's "dynamic views" option, which let me arrange my posts in cool, sort of interactive, really good-looking ways. Except that Blogger's "gadgets," their little add-ons that let you do things like Tweet directly from the blog, don't seem to get along with dynamic views. I've tried time and time again to get them to show up, and they just...choose not to appear.

So yesterday I switched to a more traditional view for the blog--the mostly-black, hovering-over-planet-Earth thing you're looking at now--but the gadget problem has evolved. I've been thinking of abandoning my clunky, old-fashioned, destined-to-join-Walter-White's-Pontiac-Aztek website entirely and just putting everything here; Blogger has a gadget called "Pages" which, ostensibly, will let me place stand-alone pages on the blog and link to them with a series of tabs across the top of the page.

Except that I went into "Layout" last night, clicked on "Add a Gadget," and discovered that Blogger thinks I've already added "Pages." So there's no way for me to put pages on this blog now. I went to "Blogger Help" and described the problem, submitting "feedback," but for all I can tell, I might as well have been talking to the maple tree in my backyard.

Consequently I'm thinking of switching platforms entirely, and going with something like WordPress, about which I've heard good things. I'm also aware that the entirety of this post makes me sound like a freaking caveman, but I'm willing to live with that if it gets me some decent advice on my web presence, which up to now has been, I'm quite sure, laughably bad.

So. Any suggestions?

While I'm dealing with this most egregiously First of First World Problems, I'm also working on the script for issue #5 of my new TERMINATOR mini-series for Dark Horse, Enemy of My Enemy, and enjoying the hell out of working with Jamal Igle and Ray Snyder again. February 2014, when Issue #1 debuts, is going to be a really good month.

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Anita said...

Hiya Dan.
did not know you wee doing a Terminator story.

Blogger thing... you need a HAMMER.