Monday, October 14, 2013


I intended to post here while I was at the show, truly I did. But by the end of each day, I was so wiped out, it wasn't that I chose not to write anything--I just flat didn't think about it.

I've been largely absent from the mainstream comic book industry since my exit from DC in 2005 (when Bloodhound was cancelled and the creative team on Firestorm got "shaken up"). It's not that I ever stopped writing stories presented by way of sequential art; after I left DC, I got lots of steady work from Tokyopop, and even more from Lerner Books. At the same time, I got involved in video game writing, first for Fallen Earth and then for various Activision titles (and one for Ubisoft--I worked on the Nintendo DS version of James Cameron's Avatar). Plus I've got Projects I Can't Talk About in the works, both in prose novels and film/TV.

But Bloodhound's revival at Dark Horse has really reminded me how much I enjoy traditional comics, so off I went to the New York Comic Con to see what other opportunities I could find. The challenge there is that, in the last eight years or so, my mainstream profile has dwindled significantly, so it feels a lot like starting over. Not only that, but there are also serious players in the industry I had little to no contact with last time I had a lot of comics on the stands, so I'm in the somewhat awkward position of having been a professional writer for 23 years, introducing myself to editors who've never heard of me and give less than a rat's ass that a project of mine got nominated for an Eisner Award in 2003.

Anyway. I made some awesome contacts, walked my feet off, and ate at Fat Sal's New York Pizza. Twice.

Successful show!

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