Monday, October 7, 2013


That gorgeous image you see, with all those nifty teeth embedded in it, is Cully Hamner's variant cover for the first issue of CROWBAR MEDICINE, a brand-spanking-new BLOODHOUND mini-series set to hit stands on Wednesday of next week, courtesy of the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics.

My GOD a lot's happened since I last posted here.

In the intervening lots and lots of months, BLOODHOUND went from being "that project I did for DC that I was really proud of but got canceled" to "that property that I still own, that Dark Horse has taken a big interest in and is now publishing new material for." They gave me a three-part story in their anthology title, Dark Horse Presents, which let me re-introduce Clev and Saffron, and I'm now following that up with a full-length, five-part mini-series--and both stories are being drawn by the original creative team of Leonard Kirk, Robin Riggs, Moose Baumann, and Rob Leigh. I truly couldn't be happier that we got the band back together for this. Those guys rock. (And thank God they were all available!)

There might even be some more BLOODHOUND stuff after the mini-series--it's too early to say anything definitive, despite really really wanting to.

And it's not just BLOODHOUND that's seen new activity. In the pages of CROWBAR MEDICINE, I'll be introducing another original character, one that I've written about extensively in the past, but which has never actually been published. And yeah, I know that's cryptic, but with all that's going on, I don't want to run my mouth and jinx anything.

But wait, there's more! I've also been able to check off two items from my Writer's Bucket List: I've got a story coming up in an issue of Eerie, and another in the pages of The Savage Sword of Robert E. Howard.

Looks as though 2013 is the year I return to the fold and re-join the comics industry.

Maybe now I'll actually keep up with regular posts, too, for the first time in...ever.

We'll see!

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